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From Spring Creek to Hogg Water...

The enjoyable side of guiding is taking anglers on a journey, during the journey I make a plan that consists of 99% of decisions based upon experience and gut feeling and adaptation around the changeable. So, what changes often it is the need to match the river beats with ones angling experience and fitness, work around weather and expectations. (i.e. fish size, environment, river size etc. The lovely part of my day is a happy client/s both from catching fish but the journey it takes to get there. From small spring creek catches for a new angler to the tug of a heavy rainbow on the other hand. Thankful to be living in New Zealand (God's own Aotearoa)

Auckland Fly Fishing, Waikato, Rotorua Trout Fishing

Even cows can join in on the fun!

Rotorua Fly Fishing Rob Vaz

Occasionally I'm allowed to demonstrate!!

Hamilton Anglers, Auckland, South African Fly Fisherman

BBQ Time! good times for the SA boys

Trophy Trout New Zealand, Taupo


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