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Crazy few days...the canals producing!

After a busy season on the water enjoying guiding clients into fish it was my turn. So, I grew up with cheesy shows like the Muppets "Pigs In Space" and the "Cannon Ball Run" yet I never thought to myself an adventure with local Hamiltonian angling mate Mark Etheridge would come to exactly that....3 days of learning the technical side of slinging Clear Drift Eggs thanks to Amazing Baits. Mark and I used relatively light tippet compared to the fish we were catching (7lb Fluro both Double X and Airflo, G3). We were surrounded by aqua coloured snow melt water and amazing scenery. Enduring the super cold weather I was thankful for my quality Simms apparel! Cutting to the chase these fish down south in the canals are something special! I was super stoked to land my personal best rainbow trout jack of 27lb and Mark his personal best 26lb hen...what a beauty...can't wait for next years mission down south!

27lb Rainbow Jack......about to swear!

Marks superb 26lb rainbow trout hen

Equaling my PB on day 1 with this 16lb brown caught on a larger clear drift soft egg

It pays to take a range of eggs, being prepared to change it up!

Early morning is superb winter surroundings

The width on this fella!


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