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When damsels come out to play!

Increase your catch rate!

Lately some good fish have been seen coming out of our Central North Island fishing locations, and damsels pay a big part of this equation and trout eats. A few things to note when tying damsel patterns.  Keeping your flies to a low profile, slim and dull little or no flash. I prefer to use barbless hooks as the hook-up rate is far better. Some of the barbless models come in black rather than the standard 'bling' silver. Browns in particular can be fussy to bling. Additionally matching slim hooks tied on long shank hooks will not only look more natural they will also swim much better! I use other patterns (not shown in these pics) using micro chain eyes rather than burnt nylon, micro black chain eyes give the fly just enough weight to sink the fly in the film. So happy damseling everyone as it heats up over summer!


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