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Hawkes Bay Action

It's been a few years since I ventured to the Hawkes Bay So, with an opportunity to travel over during Labour weekend and visit family, I added a day on the water to check out a few local rivers and a few spots that I have fished in previous years. I was not disappointed. The usual spots still held good numbers of fish and the river looked amazing, clean and clear. I walked up river and sight fished, managing to catch fish close to the bank, in deeper runs I fished longer and found fish liked a vertical nymph suspended under a small dry. Around midday I found a pod of fish actively looking up so out came the Parachute Adams and a few more on the single dry. I can't wait to get back down for more solid eats on the Tuki Tuki today #hawkesbay #hawkesbaynz #tukitukiriver #hawkesbayfishing #primalrodco #dryfly #simmsfishing #manictackleproject

North Island Fly Fishing Guide


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