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Catching up with fellow guides and mates

The North Island fisheries once again prove to be unrated as many tourists head to South Island. The Central North Island and Rotorua, Waikato has had some exceptional fly fishing and it has been a pleasure catching up with fellow guide mates for a fun fish between guiding days. One thing is we are always learning on the fly-fishing journey. Every angler I fish with I come away with some new ideas such was the last month on a few day trips. That's why guides can get us into great fish and take away years of trying to figure it all out.  Pics attached Miles and Yoshi both quality guides/ fisherman and personalities.

P.S. Don't be fooled thinking top ranked internet guides are the go to, there is a network of quality guides around that have been well established that don't push all the social media hype or pay for a Google ranking. They are not only good fisherman but good guys! (Do your homework!!)

Tightllines all for 2020. Robby

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