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Catching in pressured water

Turangi Robfishnz Rainbow Trout New Zealand Simms

Turangi tips

After a few days away in Turangi this week I was reminded again about how thereputic fly fishing is. Sitting watching anglers casting while enjoying a coffee from the local coffee cart at prime position the Turangi bridge. Hours can pass you by and I ask how can anglers be happy to stand in one spot all day and swing a duster or lob those heavy bombs. Each to their own i guess. Personally, I look for a few things to catch fish!  such as targeting rested water. And I fish a little deeper by using longer leaders 15 foot plus. And lastly concentrate on a clean drag free drift so the flies look natural and have time to sink to the bottom of the river. During my recent trip I trailed behind a bomb and a size 14-16 black beaded hair and copper.  Sometime the classic old school flies work best! So think outside the box to the last angler that fished your piece of pressured water and you will be surprised at the results. See you on the water folks!! Photo credit Johan Kok @wildimages.co


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